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True North Fish De-scaler
Material:Metal Weight:29g Size:19cm*4cm*1cm It is used to clean fish skin and open the bottle
Price: $8.99
True North Jig Head Cleaner
Cleans out eyes of all sizes Simply squeeze to operate Attaches to vest, langard and the like Our Jig Eye Cleaner works like a pair of line clippers to clean out jig eyes of all sizes. Just line up the point with the eye, squeeze and—voilá!—a clean hook eye. Handle hole allows you to attach the tool to your vest, lanyard, key ring, etc.
Price: $8.49
True North Hook Sharpening Stone
Sharpens hooks and knives Eco-Friendly Metal Type:sand mix
Price: $7.99
Genius Electric hook tyer
Tie hook speed and easily easy to carry Color Light gray High Grade Plastic
Price: $19.99
Lindy Worm Blower
Puff up your night crawlers with Lindy’s worm blower to help float the crawler up from the bottom to reach more fish. Simply inject a little air through the needle near the worm’s collar or tail to give the worm a more natural appearance which drives the fish crazy.
Price: $8.99
True North Floating Fish Stringer
resistance to seawater corrsion. The total length: 4.5m the weight :200g the lock buckle length :14cm the lock buckle width :4.5cm the material :Stainless steel,Steel wire rope foam float
Price: $24.99
Rapala Nail Cutter Muliti tool
Fishing Accessory High Quality Nail Cutter
Price: $14.99
Berkley Hook Remover Spring Action Pistol Grip
Made from Carbon Steel Approx. 11" Overall 7.5" From Jaws to Grip 110g Made In China
Price: $18.99
Hook Remover
Stainless Steel Tube ABS Handles Stainless Steel Hook
Price: $29.99
Professional Multi-Function Fishing Forceps
Advance Design Locking 18cm Fishing Forceps Stainless steel with rubber Handles Weight:68g
Price: $13.99
Professional Multi-Function Fishing Knife
Floating Hunting/Fishing Knife Fixed blade with Sheath Weight:106g 27cm Made in china
Price: $29.99
Digital Berominoter
Size: 5.5x 5.5 x 1.2cm Barometer: range from 300mbar to 1100mbar Unit conversion: Hpa and Inhg Temperature: Range -10 °C ~ +60 °C; °C and °F unit conversion Resolution: 0.1degree Data record: 6 groups pressure, time, depth Weather forecast: - The weather forecast for next 12 to 24 hours - 4 weather status indication(Sunny–Slight sunny- Cloudy-Rain ) Time: 12/24 hour format clock display Date display :month, day Historical data record: - record the past three days of weather - air pressure changes - the maximum / minimum air pressure - the maximum / minimum temperature Battery life: about 10 months Display screen diameter: 3.1cm (battery not included)
Price: $26.99
Price: $22.99
South Bend Combo Pack w Knife
Price: $24.99
South Bend Fish Mouth Spreader
79891 FISH MOUTH SPREADER FMS-1-X 39364407026
Price: $6.99
South Bend 8 IN Bent Nose Pliers
79898 8I N BENT NOSE PLIERS LN8BNP-X 39364155989
Price: $9.99