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Happy holidays !

Hi everyone

I am newer to blogging but feel its important to keep in contact with our customer's, To let you know about new product or exciting news around in the fishing world

We normal touch base with our friends on facebook & twitter , we would like to invite you to join us there for daily post and monthly contest.

Wesley Lazette,

Owner of  True North Fishing Gear & Professional Angler !


What a busy summer

Hi everyone its been a while since we have made a post on our blog 

 We are very existed to announce that we have a bunch of new stock in and will be listing it over the next week! We will have new stock in every week right up until Christmas holidays keep checking back 

Thank you all for the support 

Wesley Lazette

True North Fishing Gear 

Spring is on its way !

Hello Everyone Spring is on its way! 
We are getting ready, ordering in new stock weekly. let us know what your needs for the spring are so. We can help you out  happy fishing all :)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone :) We have not made a post here for sometime as we have our media page witch is linked to our Facebook & Twitter Pages you can follow us on either  for information on new gear and deals of the month. Like Us on Facebook to get entered into our on-going draws for some Great Fishing Gear.