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True North Gift Certificate

Don't play the guessing game, give an Angler what an Angler wants. How? Let them pick it. It's always difficult to determine what to purchase, how to purchase and where to purchase your items, but you can be confident that True North Fishing Gear Gift Card will be simple and convenient to order. Mailed gift certificate are available in $25, $50, $100, $150 and $200 denominations. Emailed gift card purchases have a minimum of $25.00, but anything over that amount is your call. Tell us how much you want to spend and we'll make it happen. We can't forget to mention that your dollars will go much further at True north than any other online or mail order fishing gear shop, because we guarantee all of our prices to be lower than any other competitor. 

you have any questions email us a

or call us at Ph: 250-301-tnfg (8634)


Can I order several gift Certificates at once?

Yes Multiple gift certificates can be purchased in one order. Emailed gift certificates require you to place each one on a separate order to ensure message and delivery information is correct.

Can I redeem multiple Gift Certificates on one order?

Yes. You can redeem multiple gift certificates online and over the phone.

Can my Gift Certificates expire?

No, gift cards will not expire.

Can my mailed Gift Certificates be shipped overnight delivery?

Yes, shipping charges will depend on your location and whether you have added additional product to your order.

Will I receive an email confirmation for a mailed gift Certificates ?

Yes, all True North Fishing Gear orders receive a shipment confirmation email within 24 hours.

Can I specify how much of my gift Certificates I would like to use?

No, our sales system will use available credit to pay for all products, including shipping on your order. If your order total exceeds available credit you will be asked for an additional method of payment to cover the remainder of your order. If your order total is lower than available credit, your remaining credit will be saved in our sales system and available to be used on future orders.

if you have any questions email us a

Or call us at Ph: 250-301-tnfg (8634)

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