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Features a super sharp red Matzuo Sickle hook. Tied on 12# monofilament. 72" leader. Clown/Chartreuse/Fluorescent Orange

These hand-tied salmon and steelhead rigs come equipped with a super-sharp, red high carbon 1/0 Octopus hook, brightly colored yarn, abrasion-resistant 12 lb. test line, and vibrantly colored Easy Drifters.

34440 SALMON-BH WOOLY BUGGER-PINK#08 FLY6406-08P 6.2007E+11

BUNNYSALMON STEELHEAD-PINK BUNNY MSI : 342485 Factory #: CR193-2-XN Brand: Crystal River 2 Pack Hand-Tied

34794 PAMI RIG #6 GRN.AQ.PRISM U 115631 7.79551E+11 4

34791 PAMI RIG #4 CH/5 DMND U 115468 7.79551E+11

5/0 Long shank Hook 65 LB test 60" Leader Prism Willow Leaf Blade

24676 CHATTER BAIT 3/8 ORANGE/BROWN CB38-115 8.97744E+11

47828 FLUKE RIG 2/0WIDEGAP N8955-CH 96337030704

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